Plastic Cards - Barcode or sequential

Many organisations and businesses nowadays use plastic cards for a multitude of applications. They can be used as membership cards, ID cards, badges, discounts cards for preferred customers, gift cards or key cards – in fact the list is endless.

At Uthara print we produce these cards in one standard size only – 86x54mm, which is the same as credit card size. All cards come with rounded corners. Different thicknesses of plastic can be used from 450 micron up to 1000 micron. 760 micron is the same thickness as that used for credit cards. Cards can be printed in spot colour or full colour and can be printed both sides. They can carry signature strips and be numbered and also have an ID photo on them.

At Uthara Print we have printed plastic business cards for a number of clients recently. These really do create an impact simply because they are a departure from the norm. They are a surprise package from the traditional card business card – your customers are bound to notice the difference. And if we start to analyse business communication, it’s all about creating some kind of impact and leaving the reader with a memory.

You may want to have some plastic cards for your business. Maybe to thank your preferred customers, or simply for membership cards. Either way, Uthara Print can help you with design and artwork. Just brief us on your requirements and our creative team will create the right design for you.

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  See printing prices only. I do not wish to pay design charges, I will supply a print ready pdf file with bleed in CMYK format.

  I need help with design, I will provide details for the designer. See design fee with printing charges.

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